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Our Services



From officiating, to coordination, to full-service planning, Renae's Rendezvous has you covered! Our passion for assisting others make their dream day come to life is what sparked this business. It is our mission to make sure you and your family enjoy your wedding and don't spend it working. You can expect a wealth of industry knowledge, and for Sydney to be just as excited as you are for your big day!



Whether you just need someone to set up the decor you've already purchased so that you can get ready, or you need someone who can make your vision come to life within your budget, we can help! We believe that celebrations should be fun & not stressful, so we are here so make sure you enjoy the monumental moments in yours, and your loved ones' lives. 



We all have that space in our home where stuff just starts to.. collect. We all have it. It gets overwhelming & life gets in the way of our ability to get to it. That's what this service is for. You can use it for anything really. Your bathroom, your cupboards, your pantry, any space in your house that stresses you out. Sydney will come in, judgement free, snap a few photos, take a few measurements & find a way to simplify your space and stop the clutter. 

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