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A little about me..

Washington State Wedding Planner

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to host events, help others make their lives easier, and see people smile. In elementary school I used to make invitations for the family and invite them to my dance parties after dinner. When my friends started getting married and they were stressed out through the majority of the process, I did all I could to help them, including acting as an impromptu coordinator. I quickly realized my dream of working for myself could be accomplished by doing things that I have always loved to do - planning, designing, and assisting with grand beautiful occasions. 


All in all, I have 7 years of experience in the industry and it's been just under 2 years since we opened Renae's Rendezvous.   We have celebrated several milestones & we cannot wait to be a part of celebrating some with you, too!  

Love Always, 


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