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Deciding on Venues & Dates

Choosing your Venue

Of all the questions I get as a wedding planner, this one seems to come up the most so why don't we just start here?

Deciding on a venue feels like such a HUGE choice to make and as important as your venue is, don't forget to breathe! The biggest things to consider with your venue are: overall theme, capacity, accessibility, lighting, and the date. There are of course other things like ready rooms, what's included in the rental, the time frames, etc. But don't get bogged down by all of the minutia.

The big things are easily broken down, I promise. Starting with the overall theme, you probably don't want to have a black tie affair in a barn, or a boho chic wedding in a mansion (unless you do.. then do you babe.) - but you see how these things don't quite line up right? If you dream of a farmhouse chic wedding, then find the barn you adore the most! If your dream wedding is an elegant evening with plated dinners & a full band, then find your perfect ballroom.

Capacity & accessibility are both judgement calls that should be made by the couple & their families. Is there enough space here for the number of guests you'd like to invite? Does the space accommodate children? Are there too many staircases for your elderly guests to navigate? (This is a BIG concern for beaches, too!)

Lighting is crucial. I will tell you this because I know your photo/video team will say the same. And this ties into the theme as well. If you're going for deep, moody photos, you don't want to pick a venue loaded with windows during the summer. (Too much light.) Maybe this belongs looped in with theme, but it's such an important detail it should be mentioned separately.

Choosing your Date

This is a common point of stress for my clients so know that you are not alone, and again, remember to breathe!

All you need to remember is this:

- If the date you have picked is what is most important, only tour venues with that date available.

- If the location is what is more important to you, then tour all the venues!

You can do it!

As for all the other details that come with this decision, they're all personal preference! But I will give you some tidbits of advice:

- Getting ready on-site will allow you to have more photos & videos & smoother transitions leading up to your ceremony.

- Venues with all inclusive packages are more expensive, but with less parties involved in the planning/coordination process, there is much less stress for the couple.

- Highly recommend at least making sure tables & chairs are included. These deliveries are the most hectic outside of catering.

- Above all, choose the space that makes you overflow with joy as you walk through it.

As always - if you need some help along the way, you know where to find me. ;)

Take care,


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